CIVEA is the principal trade association representing civil enforcement agencies employing over 1700 certificated enforcement agents that operate in England and Wales.

CIVEA represents approximately 40 companies that make up more than 95% of the enforcement industry. CIVEA’s members work to enforce civil debt on behalf of local authorities and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) including council tax, business rates, road traffic and parking penalties, magistrates’ court fines, employment tribunal awards, child support payments, B2B and commercial rent arrears.

This amounts to over £550 million (half a billion) of unpaid taxes and fines recovered each year at no cost to the public bodies themselves. Each year CIVEA members receive over c5 million warrants and court orders for payments owed to central and local government.

As local government finances come under continued pressure, the work that our members undertake is becoming increasingly important as a major source of revenue. Uncollected tax debts and fines result in less money for services and higher bills for residents.

Civil enforcement prevents losses to the public purse of an estimated £12 billion from unpaid council tax, criminal fines, business rate arrears and unpaid Penalty Charge Notices. This is a cost that taxpayers would otherwise bear.

However, the public value of effective enforcement goes well beyond the collection of revenue. Enforcement action can be an important opportunity for people to seek much needed debt advice and support, and the profession has strict safeguards in place to ensure that the vulnerable are provided with the right protection.

CIVEA members

CIVEA offer Corporate, Private or Public Sector categories of membership for enforcement agents and companies working throughout England and Wales.

We issue a mandatory ‘Code of Conduct and Good Practice Guide’ to all our members.

During the pandemic we worked with the debt advice sector to develop a model for independent oversight of enforcement agents. The Enforcement Conduct Board provides independent oversight of the enforcement industry to standards are maintained, with special regard for those experiencing financial difficulty or other vulnerable circumstances.

All CIVEA members are required to be accredited by the Enforcement Conduct Board.

As a member of CIVEA you will: 

  • Help shape national policy
  • Maintain exceptional standards
  • Be part of the reform of the enforcement sector

By working with the Ministry of Justice alongside other government departments and agencies we ensure a fair deal for enforcement agents – whether an individual or a company. Our members help shape new policies and share best practice for the benefit of the industry as a whole.